This Forums is a UNOFFICIAL website for people to still work on their expansions.
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 Super Smash Flash 2 UnOfficial Expansion Forums!

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PostSubject: Super Smash Flash 2 UnOfficial Expansion Forums!   Sat May 25, 2013 8:10 am

Damian here, presenting the Rules for the SSF2 Expansion Forums! They are pretty much the same as over on MG, just one or two things added.

If the expansion hasn't been reclaimed from the old forums by the original creator, it is up for grabs. If the original creator returns and wants their expansion back, as long as they can prove they are the original creator, they can have it back.
If they never return, you can use their animations and progress, as long as you give credit.
I recommend giving a quick Google search or dig through MG's memberlist before taking an un-reclaimed expansion though, because if you do, there is a small chance that the original maker could return and hate your animations and redo them themselves, making any work you did pointless. So it is UP TO YOU if you're willing to risk it.

1.) Although there are a few word filters, I don't want you saying anything that can't be said on daytime TV!

2.) There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for trolling and bullying. A.K.A it's an automatic ban.

3.) No stealing ideas or sprites from other members!

*Requesting a lock will be considered as spam as well.
** The author of a topic can lock it themselves if need be.

5.) No malicious hidden links or anything of the sort.

6.) No posts with inappropriate material. (Anything that can't be said or seen on basic cable can't be said or seen here!)


8.) No impersonating other members.

9.) No posting another member's personal information such as name, address. etc. You can post yours if you REALLY want to but it's your responsibility.

10.) Please DO NOT make any references to anything that has to do with file-sharing, boot-legging, emulators, roms, modifying console systems, etc. or anything else that could get this site closed down!

11.) Refrain from bumping topics older than 1 month; If it's a topic that you think can make a worthwhile contribution to you may post, however take into consideration that it is up to a moderators discretion whether or not you will be warned for it

12.) No consecutive posting! (Unless you are updating a topic you made, do not post again in a topic after yourself before getting a response from someone, just edit your post if you need to clarify something)

13.) No posting spoilers of any kind without clearly indicating that the post is a spoiler. (Use the spoiler tag, or type "SPOILER" in all caps above your post)

14.) No signing up just for the sake of advertising purposes (That INCLUDES having an online poker account as your website reference!)

15.). No signing up with multiple usernames (That means NO ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS!!!)

16.) I will not be held responsible for any third party links posted by anyone on these forums.

17.) Don't post or create topics asking (explicitly or implicitly) to become a moderator or admin

18.) Don't post topics complaining about other members.

19.) If you don't like what's in a topic... BE NICE ABOUT IT.

20.) DO NOT POST IN A BOT TOPIC. (Meaning suspicious looking topics made by forum bots that probably contain graphic material or malicious hyperlinks)

21.) Don't put giant pictures in your sig or avatar, it shouldn't stretch your post box much more than it would if you didn't have any sig or avatar. If they cause horizontal scrollbars to appear or I think they're too big I might yell at you.

22.) Don't make organized topics for spamming other forums (or these forums as well, and don't let me catch you talking about it)

23.) Don't post flashy animated pictures that can cause seizures

24.) Don't advertise to other members through PMs.

25.) Do not embed flash or videos in your sig or anywhere else that does anything without user consent (play music, open window, etc)

26.) Do NOT quote pyramid Flash, anywhere!

27.) No posting personal R.I.P. topics. (Because we really don't care)

Overall, use your common sense and keep everything work-safe!

Consequences for breaking the rules:

By breaking the rules, you may receive warning notifications via PM. These warnings are recorded in your profile, and if you receive 3 total warnings you will be banned for 3 days. Several other conditions apply:

- You will receive an automatic ban for every warning you receive after the third warning.

- Under special circumstances under my discretion, you may receive a ban before you receive your third warning. Things like mass spamming (spam-section included if you're just posting the same thing over and over), mass account creation, or posting inappropriate material on the site will NOT be tolerated. A ban you receive under these circumstances could last anywhere from weeks, to months, or in the worse-case scenario, permanent!

That's all! Now go make Expansions!

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PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Flash 2 UnOfficial Expansion Forums!   Sat May 25, 2013 8:11 am


If you are not an Admin, you must first place your topic in the New Expansions section. The first time it will be moved with a flick on the forehead. All times after that will result in a warning, or worse; you will be stripped of your status as EAT (if possible).

To all EAT Members: Do not move your own topics to Accepted or Completed.

ALL topics, be it an Expansion Claim topic or Expansion Creation topic will be removed if the member has not been online for a long period of time (unless an admin is contacted beforehand). In this situation all claims no longer count and the characters in question are up for claiming by other members again. In the case that this happens with a Group Project, the claim automatically goes to the other member, may he/she still be active.

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PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Flash 2 UnOfficial Expansion Forums!   Sat May 25, 2013 8:11 am


Video Game Discussion
1. NO FLAMING. I don't want to see any, "I like *whatever*", "THAT GAME SUCKS, YOU SUCK, GO DIE"
2. If the game is over the Teen Rating, put an [R] next to the title name.

There are really no limitations in this section. Just, again, not inappropriate material and we'll be fine.

A FINAL NOTE. Don't take these sections for granted. I can take them away as easily as I brought them. Other than that, go nuts.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Flash 2 UnOfficial Expansion Forums!   

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Super Smash Flash 2 UnOfficial Expansion Forums!
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