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  Expansion Acception Rules *Members + EAT Must Read*

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PostSubject: Expansion Acception Rules *Members + EAT Must Read*   Sat May 25, 2013 8:23 am

ote to EAT: Expansions must follow this criteria before being accepted.


Member's Expansions Rules:

1. An Expansion must contain at least 5 animations when the topic is started, one must be a special attack. A written moveset of it's special attacks and the final smash must be included. Along with a poll that is titled "Acception?" with Yes and No options.

2. You need to make sure that an expansion you are claiming hasn't been started or claimed. Claimed section is here. If the person who claimed the character is inactive, you may ask about creating the character firstly.

3. NO character recolors are allowed.

4. Make sure to use the checklist when starting an expansion. The expansion checklist is subject to change.

5. Nothing rude, or offensive. Keep it something that could be shown on Daytime TV. ie: no nude character expansions.

6. No stickman expansions.

7. The sprite must be facing right when animated

8. All animations must be animated in one part- For example, [combo1] [combo2] [combo3] is incorrect. It must be [combo all]. That is how it is coded. This includes the grab. [grab-miss-pummel]

9. The jump and fall need to be animated like so- [jump, and flying through air] [transition into fall, fall]

10. Make sure, when making trophies, that they aren't too small, no too big. Make them fill put the space though.

11. ALWAYS animate in place. If you want the character to move, leave a note saying where to move and on what specific frame, and for how many frames.

12. Check sound quality. If it sounds bad, it will sound 10x worse in game.

13. Make sure that the Jump and Double Jump aren't exactly the same. If there is a startup frame, then this doesn't apply.

14. No large sprites. This guidelines are as follows:

Blue is the original size of SSF2 Mario. You may not go smaller than the Light Blue Box.
White is Ideal. It is the average size of a JUS character, which is the base size of SSF2. Aim for that.
Green is the size of Bowser. Pushing it, but it's fine.
Red is the final size.
You MAY NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE pass that red line. Even if ONE PIXEL passes it, you will have to edit the sprite to be smaller.

Extra Rules for EAT: (Members read so that you know what to follow)

1. Sprite Quality: The sprites must have nice shading. Roughly pillow shading, no grey dots around the outline, a nice set of colours and ect. If they are 8bit Expansions, this rule can be a bit more flexible. But custom characters must follow these rules along with sprites from games just to match the style of others. Brawlifing your character will usually boost it's chance in passing the EAT.

2. Animation Pointers: Make sure the animation stays in one place and that it follows the rules mentioned earlier in the member rules section. More frames to make the animation flow and overall smoother will boost it's chance in passing the EAT.

3. Moveset Choices: The special attack that must be included in the topic should have a point either relating to the game or series in general. Eg. Can't be gooey using a bomomb to attack or something random like that. This rule is more flexible for custom characters. A well written moveset with definitions in the post somewhere will usually boost it's chance in passing the EAT.

4. Character Overall: What do you think of the character overall? Good idea to become a playable character? Will people download this character? Will anybody be interested in programming this character? Does the quality of this character pass for SSF2? Just think about the extra things that will make this character work or not.

NOTE: Expansions that have little to no progress for awhile and that remain in this section will be moved to the Past Expansions.
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Expansion Acception Rules *Members + EAT Must Read*
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