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PostSubject: Doh dph dpgggg   Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:23 pm

Zombie Pigman - Minecraft

A very old sprite. Gonna redo it later.

N64 Ness - Smash Bros (Earthbound)

This Ness will have a buffed up attack, but the final smash will not do anything.
To explain, it will do the moves from the n64, but will remove the Final Smash(Or make it so when it's used,
it will not do anything.) Also, Ness could use a new move too replace the normal movesets so it isn't a total
lone (Pk Rockin!)

Scratch Cat -
There is a VERY good moveset I came up with.

The gun is made of this:
If key "O" is pressed
Broadcast "Attack"

Now here is a up special:
It is a grappling hook.
Scratch cat pulls out the "Copy" script and puts it into the Script Gun.
and it will copy forward. If it misses, the copies will dissapear.
If it touches the ledge, Scratch Cat will be pulled forward to the ledge like Olimar or Ivysaur or Link or Lucas.
The Script Gun is the Specials and are Move Forward Scripts
The Normals are using the gun as a melee weapon (Smashing people with it)
Side Normal if charged up will trap the player in a hole (Like the PitFall)
The Cat's Final Smash is the "Goto Front" script when he is on top of all of the layers
and is "invincible" until it ends. then the script is removed from the Script Gun.

Deuce - Ace Of Spades

Replacing the Scout :/

Pig - Bad Piggies

Red Bird for FS:
New Red Bird Sprite for Pig's Final Smash

Base Ripped by Bonzai
If you want to make a expansion for it here is the base:

Doraemon - Doraemon

A hybrid of many diffrent Doraemon Sprites I combined.
Vote 1 or 2 on what sprite should be the base for Dora the Kid and the rest of Doraemon's Sheet
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Doh dph dpgggg
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